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Power Supply Unit for Atari ST/E and MegaST

Power Supply Unit for Atari ST/E and MegaST

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A replacement solderless PSU kit for your Atari ST/STE/MegaST/MegaSTE computer

When it comes to vintage or retro computing, replacing the original power supply unit (PSU) is essential to ensure the continued functionality of these beloved machines. Over time, the capacitors and components within the original PSU deteriorate due to age and consistent usage. This can result in unstable voltage output, causing erratic behavior or failure of the Atari ST computers. Additionally, an aging PSU poses a significant risk of electrical shorts, which can irreversibly damage the motherboard and other internal components.

A deteriorating PSU can also lead to overheating, increasing the likelihood of sudden shutdowns, data corruption, or even fire hazards, putting the entire system at risk. It is also a leading cause of SidecarTridge® multi-device emulator failures. Upgrading the PSU for Atari ST is a recommended step for SidecarTridge® users to ensure the longevity and reliability of their computers, protecting countless hours of retro gaming or creative productivity.

Upgrading to a modern, reliable PSU provides a stable power source, ensuring the computer operates smoothly and safely while safeguarding the motherboard and other key components. Whether you are keeping a classic system in pristine condition or breathing new life into an Atari ST that’s been stored away, updating the PSU is crucial to preserve and protect these iconic computers for many years to come.


The replacement PSU is based on the popular Mean Well RPD-60, a reliable and efficient power supply unit well-suited for retro computing needs. This PSU package includes all the necessary cables to connect seamlessly to the Atari ST motherboard and the AC power plug, ensuring a straightforward, solderless, hassle-free installation process.

A custom riser board is included to securely mount the Mean Well RPD-60 in the original location of the old PSU. This riser board maintains the correct positioning and alignment, making the new unit fit comfortably within the existing structure of the Atari ST computers. This thoughtful design ensures that replacing the PSU is straightforward while offering a modern, stable power source that keeps the system running smoothly and reliably for years to come.

Kit Contents

The PSU Kit for Atari ST is designed for easy installation, providing a comprehensive selection of high-quality components:

  • Riser PSU PCB for Mean Well RPD-60A PSU: A custom-designed riser board that securely holds the Mean Well unit in the original framework, allowing a seamless fit in the original PSU location.
  • Mean Well RPD-60A PSU: A robust and efficient power supply unit known for its reliability, offering stable voltage output tailored to the Atari ST’s power requirements.
  • 8x Philips M3 4mm Screws: Precision screws to fasten the riser PCB securely.
  • 4x M3 4mm Nuts: To hold the PSU firmly in place, providing stability and reducing the risk of movement.
  • 4x M3 0.5mm Washers: Essential for securing the screws and ensuring a snug fit.
  • JST VH3.96 6-pin Female Connector to 6-pin TE-171822-6 Female Connector (10cm): A specialized connector cable to establish a reliable connection between the motherboard and the new PSU.
  • JST VH3.96 3-pin Female Connector (10cm, with 2 Pins Connected): A connector cable for AC power input, ensuring a secure and stable connection.
  • 2-pin Speak-on Terminal Block: Provides a firm and secure AC connection, maintaining consistent power delivery.

These components are carefully selected to ensure a seamless installation process, allowing users to replace the original PSU with minimal effort and no soldering required.

You can learn about the installation process in the Quickstart Guide.

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