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SidecarT board - RPi Pico W INCLUDED

SidecarT board - RPi Pico W INCLUDED

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Explore the features of the latest release! Revision 2 is now here – click to learn more and see what's new!

SidecarT is a state-of-the-art cartridge ROM emulator crafted for the Atari ST, STE, and Mega series. This version is designed for users who do not require programming and debugging functionalities via its connectors. If you want a SidecarT board and a Pico WH for developers, click here.

It leverages the robust capabilities of the RP2040 microcontroller found in the Raspberry Pi Pico, enabling it to:

- Emulate both 64Kbyte and 128Kbyte ROMs by simply loading the binary files from a microSD card or via a Wi-Fi connection.

- Interact with the cartridge bus in real-time for data reading and writing, which allows for seamless emulation of different devices. Please read the documentation for the current list of devices.

- Dive into a realm of possibilities limited only by your creativity. Thanks to its open architecture and the open-source code available here, SidecarT can evolve to meet any challenge you envision.

This SidecarT product includes:
- SidecarT PCB board with manually soldered female headers for the Raspberry Pi Pico W or WH

- Raspberry Pi Pico W with manually soldered headers

- USB 2.0 male (Type A) to USB 2.0 micro male (Type B) Hi-Speed Data Cable. Black. 30cm.

- 4xM4 6mm Phillips Nylon Screws

- 4xM4 8mm Nylon Spacers

This board does not have the female headers needed for the UART connection.

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